“We had a plan in mind. Because a Facel Vega FV2B Convertible is extremely rare our idea was to build one ourselves, based on a Coupé, to use as showcase for our business”

Jasper Beukenkamp had an idea for a special project for a long time. Jasper wanted to showcase the amazing skills of his team at JB Classic Cars. Facel Vega built only 11 convertibles based on the V8 powered Facels. These convertibles were made to order for special clients, and even Mr. Daninos’ wife got an extra rare FV2B Convertible. One of just two. The Facel Vega FV2B you see here on these pages is the wonderful result of pure craftsmanship and the will to create a new FV2B convertible at the highest level.


For this bespoke project a Facel Vega FV2B with production number #133 was found. It was originally build in France in 1956, before it was shipped to the USA. It started its life as a coupé and as we can see in the car’s history, it only had two private owners, but it was put away and needed to be fully restored anyway. Therefor Jasper Beukenkamp decided to start off his earlier idea of creating a convertible, which is no easy job. So the team cut the roof. Designs and drawings were made to make a proper build possible.


Based on Jasper Beukenkamp’s knowledge about the rarest Facel Vega Convertibles the design for this new FV2B Convertible had to be state of art. On the other hand there was little to no information known from the factory about the folding frame for the convertible top. The roof and its system had to work. In both closed as opened situation the car had to look sublime too. Just as the original convertibles, but perhaps even better. Mr. Daninos always stated his V8 powered cars were too fast to be a convertible. This FV2B had to beat that opinion, just like Mrs. Daninos once did!



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