During the process the team at Jasper Beukenkamp Classic Cars had to make several bespoke parts. The conversion from coupé to convertible was the most important step of course, but because had to become a useable car too, many upgrades were done. For instance, Facels were originally equipped with a manual (Pont á Mousson) or automatic (Chrysler) gearbox. The original car had a manual gearbox, but the automatics didn’t have a Park position. A newer Chrysler automatic gearbox was fitted, but JB designed a gear lever and mechanism inspired by the early Facel models.


A one of a kind car can be enjoyed more when it is easy and safe to use. In today’s traffic better brakes are not just a luxury, it’s necessary. JB Classic Cars created a brake system that suits this FV2B Convertible well. 4 piston calipers were placed on front for an extra bite. The original wheel hubs were redesigned to fit vented disc. Based on experience, the Facel Vegas without power steering offer the best steering feel to any driver, but it’s hard work. The original power steering didn’t fit the JB standards. The team mounted an EZ (‘easy’) electronic power steering on the original non-powered steering column. Best of both worlds.



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